Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Who wants to get out of bed on a day like this?
All I want to do is wrap myself in a soft, warm and specially colored blanket.
The color needs to match my mood and today's choice would be this hot red number from D Bryant Archie.

D Bryant Archie Throw photographed by Kristy Knight
Some people have to carry their blankets with them everywhere they go like these Maasai warriors who inspired D's Shuka Blanket.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons sharing, Brutere for Wikipedia
Most people I know leave their blankets on their bed or sometimes drape one over a cozy chair where they like to sit.

Ellen Hanson's Sag Harbor home
Photo by Anastassios Mentis

But Marie Watt, a native merican artist in the Northwest, has been working on a project that explores the history of wool blankets and the stories and rituals in these everyday objects. And she says "On a wall, a blanket functions as a tapestry, but on a body it functions as a robe and a living art object"

Marie Watt Marker: Axis Mundi 2010
image from PDX Contemporary Art
Marie Watt Conversation (Eastern Door) 2006
image from PDX Contemporary Art

If you want to leave your bedding in the bedroom but are sick of the way it all looks, check out this article in the Off Duty section of the Wall Street Journal where Sara Ruffin Costello explores alternatives to the fluffy down comforters of the last decade.

Paul Costello for the Wall Street Journal

 Sara, I agree, it is time for a make-over in the inner sanctum!
Sourcing antique textiles, fresh bedlinen and alpaca throws are on the top of my 2011 resolutions list. Warning Dear Reader: you may be a beneficiary of this effort.

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D. Bryant Archie said...

Thank you for including Shuka. Ellen's jacket and Shuka were meant to be! Love that shot.