Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twist My Arm

While we here at Ellen Hanson Designs sing the praises of Reduce  Reuse  Recycle there comes a time when nothing will do but a brand new gift picked just for that special someone.
On a weekly basis we screen hundreds of blogs, product releases, magazines and shopping sites. And that is not to mention the weekly newsletters we subscribe to which pop up in our in-box enticing us to check back in  with sites like 1stdibs and etsy.

Looking through so many products one can't help but get some big ideas about that perfect gift. After posting a few wonderful  ideas on our Facebook page, we finally decided to make it official.

So, here for your joy and perusal, we present our fantasy secret Santa shop.
TV advertisers sarcastically ask "has anyone ever wished for a smaller holiday gift?" however putting this wish list together reminded us that although a folding bike would be awesome sometimes the best gifts are those tiny stocking stuffers that come in handy just when you need them.

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