Thursday, December 22, 2011

Black Eyed Peas just got more delicious!

Silver Orbs Rinne Allen

December brings joys both new and old. In looking forward to the coming year, there is an inherent nostalgia as we pause to review seasons past.

Not so long ago, team EHD decamped for a southern idyl (rather a week or so of intense large scale installation madness) in Athens, Georgia.

Hotel Indigo Athens model room, art by Rinne Allen

In the midst of installing 5 floors of furniture, art and accessories in the LEED Gold Hotel Indigo Athens , we girls DID have to eat! We found culinary treasures- five and ten, the national, the grit and the Four Coursemen to name some faves. Local artists, gallerists and crafts people lent their talents to our project, and shared Athens' gustatorial gems.

The office end-of-year gift! Go to page 103 to ensure luck in the new year

And now what a joy to stumble upon this beautifully designed new cookbook by Hugh Acheson, the chef of one of our most visited restaurants. With photography by Rinne Allen who contributed beautiful work to the hotel decor, we put this into the shopping cart immediately.

Hand illustrated table of contents, love!

Needless to say, end-of-year gift giving just got simpler! Not a moment too soon because we are always looking for new black-eyed pea recipes to share on January first to ensure a prosperous new year. Throw in some cabbage (page 218) if you are hoping for more "green" next year!


Beth said...

black-eyed peas + cabbage sounds "Yum!"

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! More black eyed peas and cabbage for all!